Pfizer document shows that the Pfizer covid vaccine reduces lymphocytes temporarily

Pfizer published:

“Clinical laboratory evaluations showed a transient decrease in lymphocytes that was observed in all age and dose groups after Dose 1, which resolved within approximately 1 week, were not associated with any other clinical sequelae, and were not considered clinically relevant.”

(Actually, Pfizer was forced to publish this information due to a FOIA request of the FDA.)

Translation: “We don’t have any clue why lymphocytes decreased and lack any scientific curiosity about the decrease.”

Lymphocytes always decrease after any immune event, which includes infections and vaccinations, so it’s not surprising that lymphocytes decreased after covid vaccinations.

Why do lymphocytes decrease? It has to do with how the body responds to infections. The immune system uses existing serum vitamin D and zinc in its startup. Serum levels of those things necessarily declines. So if you should happen to get another infection of anything after a covid vaccination, your body will be less prepared to respond to the new infection.

This can be catastrophic in people who are deficient in vitamin D and zinc when they receive a covid vaccination and a subsequent infection. They have nothing with which to fight off infections and reduce inflammation.

Vitamin D has been shown to reduce inflammation after an infection, so low levels of vitamin D means that they body won’t be able to reduce inflammation and inflammation will tend to spiral out of control, leading to cytokine storm, ARDS, sepsis, and systemic organ failure.

Which groups tend to have vitamin D deficiency? The elderly, people of color, alcoholics, diabetics, and the obese. These are the same groups that have high mortality risk from covid.

So, bear in mind that people who get covid within 14 days of vaccination are counted in the less-vaccinated group. So, the danger from covid actually increases during the 14 days immediately following vaccination.

What is the impact on official statistics? Those who are in the 14 day waiting period aren’t counted as fully vaccinated. If people who just got a second vaccination are in the 14 day waiting period, they will be counted as having had a single dose. Those who just got their first vaccination will be counted as unvaccinated.

Hospitals only have two vaccination categories: unvaccinated and fully-vaccinated. Those who had a single dose of vaccine will be counted as unvaccinated. This is how hospitals reports statistics to the CDC. Yes, it’s crazy.

This is why you should receive CDC statistics about covid with a bucket of salt.

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