Covid vaccines, foxholes, bunkers, and machine gun fire

I saw an excellent explanation for the increased risk from covid vaccination in the two week period post vaccination. Imagine you are in a foxhole and you can hear bullets from machine guns zipping around you. Some of your buddies die. If you can only get to the relative safety of a bunker. But toContinue reading “Covid vaccines, foxholes, bunkers, and machine gun fire”

Pfizer document shows that the Pfizer covid vaccine reduces lymphocytes temporarily

Pfizer published: “Clinical laboratory evaluations showed a transient decrease in lymphocytes that was observed in all age and dose groups after Dose 1, which resolved within approximately 1 week, were not associated with any other clinical sequelae, and were not considered clinically relevant.” (Actually, Pfizer was forced to publish this information due to a FOIAContinue reading “Pfizer document shows that the Pfizer covid vaccine reduces lymphocytes temporarily”

The FDA shell game

The FDA is playing a shell game on us. It provides two immunological categories: vaccinated and unvaccinated. A binary choice. But this is a mistake. The immunological categories are as follows: unvaccinated-recovered, unvaccinated-naive, singly vaccinated, vaccinated and in the two-week waiting period, the doubly-vaccinated, and the boosted. Obscuring these categories essentially hides the data. AnContinue reading “The FDA shell game”