Relying on fact checkers is lazy

People who do the work–reading scientific papers and looking at scientific data–have an advantage. They can tell who else has done the work and who hasn’t. Like people who rely on fact checkers. It’s obvious that such people are lazy and ignorant. They might even have college degrees. Lazy people might even have MD after their name. But people who have done the work know that they are frauds. And that they are lazy. And that they have delegated their due diligence to “fact checkers.”

Degrees mean something. Degrees mean that you have done some kind of work and met some requirements. Degrees are credentials that you have put in some work. Of course, people who have put in the work of reading hundreds of papers about covid might not have degrees. But other people who have put in the work can recognize the people who have put in the work, even when those people lack degrees. The key is whether or not someone has put in the work.

Relying on fact checkers is a kind of anti-credential. It’s a signal that a person hasn’t put in the work. Lots of these types of people put in effort fighting what they think is misinformation, but they are ignorant of the science, and it’s obvious to everyone.

2 thoughts on “Relying on fact checkers is lazy

  1. Nicely put, thank you. I have said elsewhere the fact checkers are too often fat checkers, i.e. they receive fat checks (cheques in the UK) for misinformation or manipulation of the facts. It is interesting to expose those behind the website which in the UK i have done in one instance. It all made sense when you research who is funding the site.

    I consider degrees and professional qualifications ultimately worthless (although I do have both). As a building surveyor I realised that those who work with their hands understood more than I did, so I tried to make sure I learnt from them.

    Those who truly succeed in life and achieve greatness are those who work hard at double checking and have the humility to question everything, even themselves.

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