Event 201–the Genius of Pachydermic Dysophthalmia

I’ve posted about the unbelievable Event 201, where there was collusion between global billionaire psychopaths, the CIA/NSA, pharma, the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. And the CDC. And the Chinese CDC. And the World Health Organization. A practice run of the coming coronavirus pandemicContinue reading “Event 201–the Genius of Pachydermic Dysophthalmia”

Relying on fact checkers is lazy

People who do the work–reading scientific papers and looking at scientific data–have an advantage. They can tell who else has done the work and who hasn’t. Like people who rely on fact checkers. It’s obvious that such people are lazy and ignorant. They might even have college degrees. Lazy people might even have MD afterContinue reading “Relying on fact checkers is lazy”

What is this misinformation of which you speak?

Why is misinformation even a thing? How did normal conversation about science get turned into The Official Narrative v. “Misinformation? In order to understand this, we have to look at where the anti-“misinformation” campaign started. There was a pandemic exercise that occurred in October 2019. It was called “Event 201“. Event 201 was hosted byContinue reading “What is this misinformation of which you speak?”

Science is not about suppressing “misinformation”; science is a conversation about data and ideas

People have trouble understanding what science is and thus we have censorship which is justified by claims that misinformation must be suppressed. We need to understand that this approach only suppresses science because today’s misinformation might be tomorrow’s fact. We have seen this phenomenon in the last year. Several items that were called “misinformation” areContinue reading “Science is not about suppressing “misinformation”; science is a conversation about data and ideas”