Event 201–the Genius of Pachydermic Dysophthalmia

I’ve posted about the unbelievable Event 201, where there was collusion between global billionaire psychopaths, the CIA/NSA, pharma, the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. And the CDC. And the Chinese CDC. And the World Health Organization. A practice run of the coming coronavirus pandemicContinue reading “Event 201–the Genius of Pachydermic Dysophthalmia”

Pharma has eliminated most empirical evidence

What is empirical evidence and why has pharma killed it? Empirical evidence is evidence that some people have seen. Like the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. Like water being wet. Like parachutes (mostly) working to prevent fatal falls. Like thalidomide causing thalidomide babies. No, there were no studies before thalidomideContinue reading “Pharma has eliminated most empirical evidence”

“Fear is the mind killer”

This little nugget of wisdom from Frank Herbert’s novel “Dune” brought me out of the panicdemic which was orchestrated to prepare us all to receive pharma’s vaccines. Fear, like all of the strong emotions, inhibits our ability to think critically. We become much more malleable when we are in the grip of strong emotions likeContinue reading ““Fear is the mind killer””

So you think we should trust the FDA and CDC?

Everyone trusts the FDA and CDC. At least most people do. And why not? Haven’t they given us good advice? I have asked some questions about the advice and decisions of the FDA and CDC that don’t seem to make sense. I forgot to mention that when the FDA recommended against treating outpatients with hydroxychloroquineContinue reading “So you think we should trust the FDA and CDC?”

What is this misinformation of which you speak?

Why is misinformation even a thing? How did normal conversation about science get turned into The Official Narrative v. “Misinformation? In order to understand this, we have to look at where the anti-“misinformation” campaign started. There was a pandemic exercise that occurred in October 2019. It was called “Event 201“. Event 201 was hosted byContinue reading “What is this misinformation of which you speak?”

Which cup hides the data pea? Continuing an analysis of Yong’s problematic post…

We are now looking at Bardenheier’s study which was included in Yong’s post. In this study, patients were all eventually vaccinated, but the vaccinated contributed time while they were still unvaccinated. Deaths were about 3x higher in the unvaccinated than in the vaccinated. Since the followup time post-injection was only about two weeks, vaccines weren’tContinue reading “Which cup hides the data pea? Continuing an analysis of Yong’s problematic post…”

An analysis of problematic science writing–round 2

(This is a follow up to my post about an example of problematic writing about science where I looked at a problem with interpreting p-values.) In this post we’ll look at evidentiary weight–is a question about evidence and bias a mountain or a mole hill? That matters a lot. We want to focus on mountains,Continue reading “An analysis of problematic science writing–round 2”