People are tired of covid–and that is dangerous

We are emotionally exhausted by covid. Our emotions have been used as an amusement park by pharma’s marketing subcontractors. Fear. Confusion. Anger at antivaxxers. And that is very wearying. Sane voices are saying that pro- and anti-vaxxers need to talk–and that is healthy. But we are tired of covid and would rather ignore it. InContinue reading “People are tired of covid–and that is dangerous”

So you think we should trust the FDA and CDC?

Everyone trusts the FDA and CDC. At least most people do. And why not? Haven’t they given us good advice? I have asked some questions about the advice and decisions of the FDA and CDC that don’t seem to make sense. I forgot to mention that when the FDA recommended against treating outpatients with hydroxychloroquineContinue reading “So you think we should trust the FDA and CDC?”