Proof of Covid Pandemic Response Disaster

205,000 more US working age people died in 2021 compared with 2019, but most did not die from covid. That is a 30% increase and is unheard of in prior US history. 2019 figures 2021 figures Whether you figure the deaths as due to suicides, failure to seek medical care, or vaccines (my working hypothesis),Continue reading “Proof of Covid Pandemic Response Disaster”

No, the Pfizer Covid Vaccine is not 95% efficaceous

When Pfizer created the study protocol for its covid vaccines, the scientists knew that PCR false negatives were going to be a problem, so the decision was made to ignore false negatives. The scientists know going into any study where the problems are likely to be. Why were false negatives going to be a problem?Continue reading “No, the Pfizer Covid Vaccine is not 95% efficaceous”

Why have five young doctors died in Toronto in less than a week?

Just a coincidence, I’m sure. Like an asteroid hitting the earth. The fact that a new covid “booster” was rolled out a few days prior had nothing to do with it. After all, hospitals said that vaccines weren’t the cause. The hospitals didn’t explain the cause, but they said that it wasn’t vaccines. Because theContinue reading “Why have five young doctors died in Toronto in less than a week?”

Covid mRNA vaccines cause for concern

A Swedish study showed reason for concern that mRNA vaccines may be reverse-transcribing mRNA into host cell DNA. In vitro evidence was found that mRNA was being reverse transcribed into a human liver cell line. The study was entitled, “Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver CellContinue reading “Covid mRNA vaccines cause for concern”

Pretending you can see the Emperor’s New Clothes

See, if you say that the Emperor’s New Clothes don’t exist, you will be called a Conspiracy Theorist.” But do you really care? What about the Sticks and Stones lesson? Would you rather be a fool who says that he can see the Emperor’s New Clothes than someone who believes the evidence of his ownContinue reading “Pretending you can see the Emperor’s New Clothes”

Parents Catch FBI In Plot To Force Mentally Ill Son To Be A Right Wing Terrorist — The Most Revolutionary Act

By Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project | August 17, 2017 Aletho News It’s become a near-weekly occurrence. Somewhere in some state, the FBI will announce that they’ve foiled yet another terrorist plot and saved lives. However, as the data shows, the majority of these cases involve psychologically diminished patsies who’ve been entirely groomed, armed, and entrapped […]Continue reading “Parents Catch FBI In Plot To Force Mentally Ill Son To Be A Right Wing Terrorist — The Most Revolutionary Act”

A new hypothesis for the cause of long covid

ccl11. It’s something called a chemokine. And I learned about ccl11 from a Wired article, which proposes ccl11 as the cause of long covid “brain fog.” Some of these chemokines can cause inflammation in the brain. This can lead to inability to create new neurons and inability to myelinate neurons–resulting in brain fog and lossContinue reading “A new hypothesis for the cause of long covid”

Let’s consider the principles of masks to reduce viral spread

What are masks? Are they immunological interventions? Obviously not. Are they medical interventions? No. Are they virological interventions. No, antiviral drugs are virological interventions. Then what kind of intervention are masks? They are physical interventions aimed at having an epidemiological impact, because the hope is that they reduce viral spread. So, masks being physical interventions,Continue reading “Let’s consider the principles of masks to reduce viral spread”