“Died Suddenly”–the lowdown on clots

There is a narrative being promoted that the clotted material is postmortem. This is hogwash. Simple gaslighting. Even being done by some pathologists. I watched the film with a vascular surgeon. The whitish, fibrous clots are the chronic-appearing part of thrombi, while the reddish, jelly part is fresh, per the VS. Furthermore, thrombi are attached to the walls of blood vessels, making them more difficult to remove than post-mortem blood. And the extracted clots in the film retained the shape of the blood vessels when they were removed, a characteristic of ante-mortem clots. So, no question that some of the clots in the film were definitely ante-mortem.

Post mortem blood clots aren’t a problem for embalmers. Their fluid flushes them out just fine. But when thrombi are present, the embalming fluid doesn’t flow so well, so embalmers have to remove thrombi manually. And over a hundred embalmers have reported this problem, so it’s a real thing. The extent of it is somewhat in doubt and needs investigation.

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