Hinky doings at the CDC

So, the CDC provisional mortality statistics show covid mortality doubling for the working age group and dropping 28% for the 85+ year old group? Wait, what? That’s not spose to happen. The old folks are the vulnerable group and their covid mortality rate should rise and fall in line with the working age mortality rate. How do you get covid mortality rising (hugely!) in the working age group and falling (hugely!) in the 85+ year old group in the same year?

Someone’s fiddling with the working age records–changing death codes from who-knows-what to covid. But why would the CDC people do that?

The CDC has a problem. There was a 32% increase in working age mortality in 2021 compared with 2019–205,000 more people died. (And there was a 14% drop in 85+ y.o. deaths.) So they have to either try to explain this massive increase in mortality (they can’t) or they have to cover it up. So, of course, the CDC opted for the coverup. Fraud. Lying. Cheating. Obscuring the truth.

You can see the coverup displayed in Figure 1. Notice that all ages are lumped together and that the 2019 mortality data is omitted. This is an example of two frauds–first, Simpson’s Paradox, because the wide disparity in death rates between the working age people and the 85+ y.o. group gets to cancel each other when the two are combined into a single group. The second fraud is that the data is cherry picked and the 2019 pre-pandemic baseline is omitted. If the pre-pandemic baseline were shown with only the working age mortality data, we’d see a massive climb in mortality from 2019 to 2021. There was a 10% increase in working age mortality in 2020 from 2019 and a 32% increase in working age mortality in 2021 from 2019. And the CDC would have to come up with an explanation, which they cannot do because of political optics.

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