People are tired of covid–and that is dangerous

We are emotionally exhausted by covid. Our emotions have been used as an amusement park by pharma’s marketing subcontractors. Fear. Confusion. Anger at antivaxxers. And that is very wearying.

Sane voices are saying that pro- and anti-vaxxers need to talk–and that is healthy. But we are tired of covid and would rather ignore it. In the meantime, pro-vaxxers are more open to conversation because their fear has begun to diminish. So rational arguments and data will have more impact.

We have to have this conversation or we will be subjected to it again by the same megalomaniacal people who brought us the first round of panic, confusion, and anger. Those megalomaniacs will have learned valuable lessons from this first test run of their agenda and we will have trouble coping with round 2. The psychopathic monsters who brought us covid won’t stop just because they didn’t succeed with the first attempt. So we need to prepare. That means conversing with pro- and anti-vaxxers, building awareness, and developing strategies for the future.

Don’t quit. Don’t give up.

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