5G radiation

Can 5G radiation cause damage?

5G is radio waves. For it to cause damage to the human body, it would have to be absorbed. This is true for all radiation. Electromagnetic radiation is energy. For EM radiation to cause injury, the energy must be absorbed by some part of the body. If the human body is transparent to a particular kind of EM energy, then that EM energy cannot possibly cause damage to the human body.

So let’s step back and look at radiation from a physics perspective to get a sense of proportion.

Three things can happen to radiation. Radiation can be reflected. This is how light helps us to see. Radiation can be absorbed. This is how microwaves cook food. Radiation can be transmitted. This is how glass windows allow light to penetrate the windows and provide light to our homes.

If energy can be reflected, then some part of that energy will be absorbed by the material doing the reflecting.

The spectrum of electromagnetic radiation varies from ultra low energy radio waves to ultra high energy cosmic rays.

Cosmic rays are ultra high energy and we are bombarded by them in large quantities all the time. They are so high energy that they will even pass through stars. Passing through the earth’s atmosphere is easy. But the human body is transparent to cosmic rays. No injury is possible.

Radio waves are ultra low energy. Lots of these impact earth continuously from stellar sources. Radio waves pass easily through the earth’s atmosphere. The human body is transparent to radio waves. No injury is possible.

The human body will absorb X rays (which are high energy) to some degree. The cosmos bombards earth with these rays, but the atmosphere filters them out. X rays can cause injury.

The human body will reflect light and UV radiation. The atmosphere absorbs some of this radiation, but enough makes it through for life. The skin will absorb some of that radiation. Minor injury is possible to the skin.

The human body will absorb microwave radiation (aka “infrared radiation”), which is essentially heat. Injury is possible.

There is also radiation that is non-electromagnetic, including neutrons and alpha particles. Injury is possible.

If someone can show a transmission spectrum of radio waves impacting the human body which shows a diminished intensity of radio waves after transmission, that would prove absorption of radio waves in the human body. But I have yet to see such a spectrum. So, no, I don’t think that 5G radiation is a problem.

I hope this helps to put things in perspective.

2 thoughts on “5G radiation

  1. Very informative post. And it’s a relief to know 5 G doesn’t cause harm. I’m not really on my phone all the time but I do watch lots of movies and tv series before going to sleep. Have a great weekend.


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